Monday, April 24, 2017

Revision Time has begun...

Michael Salsbury
Last month, I began thinking about all I've written and shared on this site over the past year. While I am very happy with the quantity, I know I can do a better job with the stories and the writing.

During the last month, I've re-imagined my "Cockroach" character to make him, his backstory, and his situation unique. He started as a tribute to Harry Harrison's excellent Stainless Steel Rat books. I've now injected a secondary character that I think Slippery Jim DiGriz could have used, rewrote his back story to make it more unique, and tried to think through some long-term story arcs to use. I hope future stories about the character will demonstrate that this is not merely Harrison's work "with the serial numbers filed off"...

Since I still don't feel I have a complete handle on the Cockroach's origin story, I've decided to take the time to revise some of my stories from last year and hopefully finish the ones I didn't finish then. As I complete these re-writes, I'll be posting them here.

I also fell out of the regular habit of writing and brainstorming stories, and I'm trying to push myself back into that habit. This site was a fairly successful experiment last year, and I'd like to keep that success going.

As always, thanks for reading and coming back.

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